Come nasce LOILSHow LOILS was born

How LOILS was born

Loils was born from the experience and thorough knowledge of the Group Elettrainox, with an advanced technology in stainless steel processing, specialist in manufacturing, as...

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Cos'è LOILSWhat is LOILS

What is LOILS

LONG-LIFE OIL SYSTEM Migliore per l’ambiente e per te Loils è il risultato di un’attenta analisi sui metodi di frittura. Pensato per lavorare l’olio alle...

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Quality of food The fry quality depends not just from oil type but from many other factors such as, for example, temperature or time of use. It is not always possible...

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Functional and easy use By combining an intuitive interface and a significant automation degree, you can set the operating system with a few actions. A number of programs and...

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Many models as there are your needss There are several versions of Loils: gas or electric, with one or more wells of various sizes (ie capacity in liters) Gas Model External...

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